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 These (meaning ours) are the only Products that I (Dr. Nieper) will put my name on and allow to be called Dr. Nieper’s Electronic Nutritional System or Delivery and Nutritional Wellness Products.

Dr. Hans Nieper was very particular when it came to selecting ingredients and insisted we use his complex and multi-step manufacturing processes. He said NO OTHER COMPANY in the world would bother to go to the expense necessary to do it correctly.

He was quite aware that several formulators and fillers were using ingredients that he had mentioned in his lectures, but he NEVER gave his formulas to any of these “Get Rich Quick Copy Cats,” as he called them. He knew they would take short cuts and not follow his specified formulations properly - EVEN if they were able to find out how. Only Dr. Nieper could guarantee results.

Due to the German insistence on Quality and Specifications embedded in his longstanding scientific nature, he spent his whole life perfecting his formulation and products.

The sub-standard ingredients and processes he found in the copies of his Formulations irritated him. He cringed because he knew his imitators were only in it for the money. Secret formulas, processes, patterns and systems allowed his Precious Nutrient carriers to be released Electronically because they were bonded with the proper and only Correct mineral for treating each particular disease condition. Same was true for the Electronic release and timing of his prized digestive system NIEPERZYME, which is still selling (as Wobenzyem) over 300,000.00 Euros per year in Europe.

After decades of working side by side with Nieper.Com we were finally able to demonstrate to Dr. Nieper that we were truly ready to produce HIS PRECIOUS ELECTRONIC NUTRITIONAL FORMULATIONS per his lectures to the German Oncology Society.

The final result of this union between Dr. Nieper and our Company is the FINEST NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS in the world today and we are proud to be the ONLY Manufacturer and Distributor of the AUTHENTIC Dr. Nieper formulas IN THE WORLD.

All Dr. Hans Nieper original products are distributed exclusively through three BRAND NAMES or RANGES manufactured using different labels to reach diverse markets. However, ALL are still manufactured ONLY by our company in NEW MEXICO, USA.

These Exclusive Brands that are only available from Dr. Nieper.com are:
  • Logic
  • For non-U.S. markets
  • Professional Formulas
  • Exclusively for U.S. doctors
  • Advanced Research
  • The only Exclusive Range for U.S. Retail and Non-Health care professionals

Accept no substitutes!

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Disclaimer: The products and statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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